Monday, March 19, 2012


Since I was unable to get into this blog for such a long time, I started a new one. I guess I'll just close this one and concentrate on the new one--how could I ever keep 2 going?????

Anyhow--come visit at the new blog if you'd like--I'know I'd enjoy it.


am i on ?

Friday, September 17, 2010

New decor--compliments of Hannah

While Hannah was here she did a bit of decorating for me. I had a theme in mind but, I was trying to be very choosy in what I purchased. Well, Hannah is just much better at this than I am, although I do try!! While I probably wouldn't have gone the same direction, I do like what she did and I think it goes well in the cabin. She's just good like that!
The mini lanterns, red beries and lantern and the pine are all in the bathroom. The rest is in the living room. As of now, we have only just begun to redo the kitchen. The plan is to tear out the existing cupboards and replace and add more. The top will be open shelving. More on that later. I'm going to redo the bedroom,too but, since we now have Tom's granny living with us and in our room--well--that project is on hold.
The saucer and cup were just too cute to pass up! I got 4 of each at the thrift store. Since I'm doing the kitchen in yellow, blue and white and going with the mix-match idea in dishes, I thought these would go great!
Life has changed drastically for me in the last 3 months. If I happen to come across your mind maybe you could whisper a prayer for me? I would sure appreciate it!!
For now- I hope you enjoy the little peek into the cabin

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another birth

My weekend-well-at least 33 hrs. of it--were spent helping a new mommy and daddy bring theirbaby into this world! Started out Fri. eve. and wasn't over til 3:03 Sun. morn. It really was a day of Independence for little Timothy!!
I again learned new things and although the birth did not go as we all would have liked or had planned for, they have a beautiful, healthy little son.
Birth is an absolute awesome journey--not to be feared, but embraced and enjoyed.
I'm very thankful God has allowed me to be a participant in his miracle of life and for the moms he has given me to work with.
At this particular birth we had a very sweet spiritual moment that actually included the young nurse who put on a praise instrumental and shared her devotional study from that morning. It really touched the heart of the mommy. The dad voiced how awesome it was to be surrounded by Christians at that time. Very sweet, indeed!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Out to sea and Wisconsin

Our oldest son, Nathanael, will be going out to sea again this morning. This is the 2nd trial run then the ship will deploy. I wish we could be there to see him off when they deploy but---$$$--you know that green stuff??? We pray for his safety and safe return.
Our new g-baby, Caleb, turned a month old yesterday!! How time goes by sooo very quickly. Chastity will be 2 next month. She loves her baby brother --talks to him, kisses him and yes, tries to pick him up! I think he'll be her little side-kick.
Aaron is glad to be working the regular job again after the winter. Construction is good but the winters can get long.
Tom and I will be leaving in the morning for a much needed vacation. We'll be going to Wisconsin for a week of whatever we want to do. I know I'm goingto enjoy-whether Tom can clear his mind of everything for a week remains to be seen! I do hope he can--he needs it.Life has been -well- quite full.
I am just about done with my certification as a Doula and have decided to expand my business endeavors a bit. I will also be offering placenta encapsulation and pre-made home cooked meal delivery--all for an added fee. We'll see how it all goes. My business cards don't reflect these new things but--I'm not going to pay to have it all redone right now.This is the background of my bus. cards--guess who the mommy is?!

I do hope anyone who may read this is doing well and that life is being kind to you. I have found great satisfaction in being able to go to God for friendship, stregnth and help. I hope you all find that so, also.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Tom and I are grandparents again! Caleb Wade Heintzelman was born at home at 12:11 a.m. this morning (20th) 9lbs. 6 oz. and 22 1/2" long. Both are doing great. I (Connie) got to be there with her and Hannah did a great job birthing him into his new world.
I'll be able to post some pics later--after we get some Hannah likes!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cabin Update

We are in but, everything is not in place! In fact, most of it is in the basement! We've been enjoying the fireplace almost every night. From our bedroom we can watch the fire as we drift off to sleep--how cozy is that!?
Daffodils are coming out and we're seeing lot's of wildlife activity--deer, squirrels and birds so far. It seems we have some Baltimore Orioles!
Tom plans to cut some paths for hunting--let's see--we can hunt from the loft window, the deck or outside! Should be lot's of fun!
We've been able to share the place with friends who have found it a real blessing.That's a nice feeling.
I'm looking forward to IHC in Dayton--hopefully I'll be back in town by that time. Hannah is doing well--hoping to have the little guy soon. When she goes into REAL labor they'll call and I'll make my arrangements to go for a week.
Enjoy the Spring weather!! Happy Easter!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New house? 2

Remember the cabin from a few post back? Well. Lord willing, next Thurs. Tom and I will be the new owners of it! For us it's sort of our little dream place--our cabin on a hill. It sits on almost 2 acres with alot of deer activity in the back, an equestrian stable to the right and a millionare in the far back. To the left is open land that belongs to our former land lord.
In the kitchen pic there are 2 cupboards that will be put back up where the bare places are. The bedroom is pretty small but, we'll make do since we want to keep the loft as open space for recording and a place to hang out. It will also serve as a guest area.
We're looking forward to moving in--it will be 1 big move!--thanks to our friends who have agreed to help us.
So--the Lord does give us the desires of our hearts if He sees them as good for us!! Even in the material things sometimes.